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The Rivers of Vltava and Elbe

The Elbe and Vltava are the two largest rivers in The Czech Republic. At the same time, they are the most important water routes for big sail. Near the shore, you can be sure to find a lot of places worth visiting.

Interesting places on the rivers

Prague, Nalahozeves, Mělník, Roudnice nad Labem...these are the towns among many other interesting places you can visit and experience from a new perspective while sailing on one of our river boats and yachts, which are very comfortable and fully equipped.

You can reach places that are not easily accessible from land, for example The Falls of Krňanský. You will see breathtaking natural sceneries of Bílé skály (White Rocks) near Svatojánských Currents and the observation point Máj.

Try for yourself what it is like to sail through lock chambers, the most beautiful of which is perhaps The Lock of Hořín and Štěchovice.

You will see a lot of castles, chateaux, churches and other historical landmarks, including The Chateau of Veltrusy, Nelahozeves, Zbraslav, Levý Hradec, etc.

You will refresh yourself with lunch or dinner or just with a glass of wine or beer, which we Czechs are very proud of. We recommend a rambler pub U Taterů, marina Fregata and Nelahozeves, not to mention the restaurant inside the zoo in Zelčín.

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